Junk Cars:

Don’t know what to do with your car?

Have an old car rusting at your garage? You have wasted enough money on it and just want to get rid of it now, but don’t know where to go or how to get rid of it? Wondering what to do with this worthless, rusting tin can blocking your garage?

WE are the solution:

We have an easy and ideal solution for you: sell it! It does not matter which car you own or for how many years you have owned it, if you want it gone, we are here to grant that wish. Not only will we clear up your garage for you, we will even pay you for it. So, while you may think that your garage is being filled with a worthless four-wheeler that you desperately want to get rid of, it is not actually worthless. Your car may be local, foreign, in a running condition or just a tin can sitting in your garage, we will buy it. We buy cars of every model, so it does not matter whether you have a classic from the early 1900s or a modern car, if it is a car you want to part from, we are here to buy it. Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of your junk car, contact us now! We will buy from you regardless of the condition your car is in. Your car might be smashed, trashed, or even unusable due to mechanical reasons, it does not matter and we will buy it! For cars which are completely totaled and won’t move an inch, we even provide tows without any extra charge whatsoever and help you get rid of the car while making a few bucks in the process.