How it works:

We are a company looking to serve you by facilitating the sale of your used car. We only buy used cars from private parties and hence we specialize in carrying out the whole process with unbelievable ease and convenience for the sellers. The process is so simple that you will hardly realize that your car is being sold. In three easy steps you can bid your car farewell and earn top dollars in exchange.

The first step:

The first step to selling your car starts with your phone call to us. You tell us the model and condition of your car. If you do not know much about your car for some reason, there is still no need to feel left out or panic, as we will come to you and check the condition of your car.

The second step:

Once you call us and tell us the condition of your car, as the second step, you will receive a quote from us based on the make, model, and condition of your car. We can confidently claim that our quote will be one which will offer you the best price for your vehicle. But, if you do not know much about your car, then there is nothing to worry about. We will come to you and check your car out by ourselves. Once we are done examining your car, we will then give you an offer.

The third step:

Finally, if you accept our offer, as the last step, we will set up a pickup time with you according to your convenience. It does not matter if it is a scorching hot day or a cold winter night, whether it is raining cats and dogs or a vicious hurricane blowing you away; we will come to you in the given time, hand you the cash and then take your car away.

Does the ease of the process of selling your car to us sound too good to be true? That is because it is. Call us and find it out yourself.