Our story:

We exist to serve you by making your car-selling experience smooth and fun. We have been successfully doing our work of purchasing used cars from private parties for more than 12 years now. During this time we have had a lot of customers who did not know what to do with their car or how much to expect for it, but once they got in touch with us, we did the rest for them. We have had many happy customers and we still continue to pursue to make every purchase as hassle-free as possible for the sellers. We believe that service is the most important part of a deal and thus; our business motto is to provide excellent customer service and we strive to adhere to it without compromise.

Our work:

We purchase used cars from private parties who are willing to sell. We take pride in offering the best customer service in the market. We offer a competitive price for any model of car, local or foreign, running or not. Our services include handling the DMV paperwork and towing away your vehicle. We provide risk and hassle free service to ensure your satisfaction. All you have to do is give us a call and then wait, because your part is done. We will come to you, check your car, offer you a sum of money and only if you agree to our offer, we will take your car. We also have an express deal option, which facilitates the whole process of selling the car in a single day’s time.